Gardiner 4 Way Close Coupled Jet Hose Assembly

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Gardiner 4 Way Close Coupled Jet Hose Assembly

  • Helps prevent jet hose catching on door handles, bushes, etc.
  • Allows for a ‘loop free’ jet hose assembly
  • Jet hose length will need trimming to fit specific brush

Brush Compatibility

  • 35-45cm brushes fitted with 2 pairs of jet capsules

If using with a new ‘water-through’ angle adapter you will need to lengthen the gooseneck hose on the gooseneck – standard size will need 150mm length and long length will need 220mm


(Brush not included)

Fitting Instructions

1. Remove black stem elbows and push fit into Jet Capsules

2. Place T connector centrally either just above or below brush socket

3. Measure the needed length of the jet hose to fully connect into each stem elbow – cut off excess hose

4. Push-fit jet hose into each stem elbow