Why poles? What’s wrong with buckets, chamois and ladders?

Since the new Health and Safety directive there is a need to clean above ground level using a method other than ladders and the water fed pole system seems to be the answer.

Why do you use purified water?

Purified water has no no impurities to leave streaking etc on the glass so in theory you get spotless windows, frames, signs, gutters, fascia’s etc, and it works.

Seems to be a lot of equipment, will it take up a lot of space?

It will all depend on your requirements (how much water, space will allow you to transport) but it has been my aim to design something that will fit into the small van or the back of a car, and still look professional and be functional.

What if things go wrong or breakdown?

We’re just a phone call away.

Do I have to install all the equipment myself?

We build all the individual parts and to reduce the cost to you the customer – you do the install. We have found that most prefer to set things up for themselves, this allows a degree of personal flexibility, and is significantly cheaper.

How long can I expect the equipment to last for?

If proper management of the processes are taken into consideration then you can realistically look forward to years of profitable and productive service (all these processes will be explained thoroughly at point of purchase).

What if I have other questions not answered in this FAQ list?

Please e-mail us with your question and we will get it posted for you.