Maintenance of Gardiner Poles


Cleaning and Service Schedule for all Telescopic Poles

It is important to clean maintain and service your telescopic pole in line with the guide below in order to maintain the maximum working life of the pole and to preserve all of its features.


1.Keep the pole as clean as possible at all times. Wiping the pole hose after each use will reduce the amount if dirt entering the pole. A wipe with a cloth as you are coiling the hose away is sufficient.

2. Hose the pole down once a week or after working in gritty or sandy environments. To do this, either hose up from the base of the pole with all clamps open or undo clamp bolts until loose and slide sections apart to clean between sections.



  1. In addition to the above schedule we recommend fully taking apart the pole every 2-3 months to clean and service. Undoing the clamp bolts until loose will allow the sections to slide apart.
  2. Whilst apart,clean and dry all sections and check and replace, if needed, the stop indicator tape and the wrap of tape at the base of each section.
  3. Additionally, a spray of dry-film PTFE spray over the overlap area will improve the life of the pole. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS SUCH AS WD-40 or GT-85.
  4. The clamps are fitted with Delrin Shims between the lever cam and the clamp body. The shims are designed to take most of the wear during use. Check these periodically for wear and replace when needed.



All Gardiner telescopic poles are covered for 12 months against any manufacturing defects. Should such a defect be found then the pole will need to be returned to base for workshop assessment and if found faulty the item will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Gardiner Pole Systems. Any modifications or adaptations or fitting of non-approved accessories (brushes, flow devices etc) render warranty null and void.

This warranty does not cover ‘wear and tear’, glued items or serviceable items such as joint-indicator tape, end caps or lever shims. Warranty is only valid if the pole has been regularly maintained in line with the instructions contained within this user guide. Poles that are used outside of normal operating parameters will not be covered.