GrippaRack Module 1- Van door card sorter- Wide Brush head

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GrippaRack Module 1- Van door card sorter- wide brushes

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GrippaRACK – Module 1 – Van Door Card Sorter – For Wide Brushhead

Size: 475mm x 90mm x 90mm

Please note: not all modules come with pilot drilled holes for the fittings, as it will depend on the location of the module as to the location of the fixing hole.

However the product is made from Polypropylene which the fittings are designed to easily fix through.

A tidy van will not only make you look professional, it will keep you from wasting time searching for equipment in your van.


As with all work being carried out on a vehicle, care should be taken when fitting.

Each door card has a total depth of 100mm, which should be taken into consideration to ensure the door will shut with any existing equipment such as hose reels.


NB:- It is ENTIRELY the customer’s responsibility to check the available space in the vehicle