GrippaReel V1 Professional Steel Water Reel – Manual

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Grippa Stainless Steel Hose Reel – Manual

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GrippaReel V1 Professional Steel Water Reel – Manual & Electric

  • Made in the UK with High Quality Construction
  • Robust Durable Build
  • Quick Release Design
  • Available to order as Powder Coated Steel or Stainless Steel Chassis Construction
  • Available as Hand Cranked or Chain less Gearbox Driven Electric Hose Reel
  • Choice of Black, Blue or Stainless Steel
  • Auto Spoil and Assisted Pull Out
  • Extended 2 Year Warranty
  • Stackable as Standard (2 manual, 2 electric, or one of each)
  • Remote Control Available on Electric Versions
  • Accepts 100 metres of 8mm Minibore or 6mm Microbore.

Note: If stacking hose reels on top of each other, we do not recommend using the quick release base for the bottom reel, but rather to bolt the bottom reel onto the vehicle. The top stacking reel can still be quick released, if a quick release base is fitted to the top of the bottom reel.

The GrippaReel hose reels have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our GrippaMAX cleaning system.  The various options of hose reels have been professionally tested, with active ongoing development based on feedback received.

This product is intended to make the cleaning operative’s life easier and less tiring, as well as making it safer.

Packed with features, our range includes:

  • Available in powder coated steel (select blue or black) or stainless steel.
  • Fixed floor mounted reel which can be easily removed without tools within seconds (if quick release base is purchased)!
  • Stackable as standard — no additional racking required. Using the revolutionary StakaReel technology as standard, the reels simply slot on top of each other, saving you much needed space. Stack 2 manual, 2 electric, or one of each.
  • Built from a combination of high-quality steel components, it’s not only strong and durable but lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Available as either hand cranked, or chainless gear box driven electric versions, the GH-VS1 range can be used for low pressure (up to 300psi) with ½” 50 metre hose and 100 metres of 8mm or 6mm hose.
  • The chainless electric motor has been specifically concealed as part of the core product design, making it safer, more effective and efficient — no additional floor space is taken up due to the clever compact gearbox design.
  • Electric reels come with the option of a remote control or wired control system.
  • Electric reels include intelligent power assisted pull out, which matches the speed of the operator pulling out the unit.
  • The chainless motor is multi-directional — not just rewind.
  • Variable Speed Control both on the wired and remote versions for the electric reels.
  • Electric reels fitted as standard with safety shutoff in keeping with the working machinery act.
  • Easily serviceable — all parts can be easily replaced on site.

Electric reels, supplied with 5 metres of positive and negative cable along with conduit and fuse holder, and are designed to be VERY low on power consumption with a maximum draw of 3 – 4 amps! — just connect the positive and negative feeds to your existing battery.

Upgradeable — as with all GrippaTank products, our hose reels can be updated (to include roller guides) or converted to electric at a later date.

NOTE – Due to the popularity of the reels, these items are NOT next day delivery items, if you require these urgently, please call our office to confirm lead time for your specific option

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Dimensions 400 × 350-600 × 445-460 cm