CLX 4 – Complete Pole Kit

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  • 2 Section Telescopic Carbon-Composite Pole
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections




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Quick Loq angle adaptor FOC

Plastic adjustable angle adapter gooseneck

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EZ Snap - 8mm barb

Female stop with  8mm hosing barb to fit 6mm tail for pole hosing

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EZ Tail - 6mm barb

Male 6mm barb tail for 5mm pole hose. Used with EzSnap to connect 8mm hose

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UniValve - Flow control system  

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Aluminium Hose Tail - 6mm to Male

Aluminium Hose Tail - 6mm-8mm to hose tail QRC. Used to connect pole hose or hose reel hose to QRC port

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O Clip 7-9 mm For 5mm Hosing

Used for clamping 5mm pole hosing in place
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 20 for this product!

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Push-fit Pole Flow Control Valve


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CLX 4 – 2 section telescopic carbon-composite pole

  • 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections
  • Extended length – 1.27m
  • Closed Length – 72cm
  • Weight – 270g
  • Handle Diameter – 25mm
  • Insulated Handle Section is made from non-conductive Fibre Glass and is suitable for resisting up to 15,000v





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