Push-fit Pole Flow Control Valve

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Push Fit Pole Control Valve

New Design

  • Improved Collet Protection – Less prone to damage if dropped or dragged on the ground
  • Stronger Teeth – To hold onto the pole hose
  • Stronger, Changeable Lever Arm

Quick Fit Flow Control Valve for 8mm Outer Diameter  pole hose, 5mm pole hosing

No special tools needed – just a pair of scissors to cut the hose.

  • Fit the flow valve to the hose on your pole usually about 1-2 metres in from your hose connector ensuring that it is at least 1 metre from the base of your pole when your pole is fully extended.
  • To be able to fit this to your pole hose you will need to have the correct outside diameter hose on your pole of 8mm, (5mm pole hosing)
  • We recommend using John Guest Stem to Barb Adapters & O Clips when using with PVC hose or with different OD size hose