X3 Xtreme 47 – Bare pole only

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Carbon Fibre reinforced base pole. Comes with free Quick-Loq angle adaptor and choice of brush

Remember to add hosetail and pole hose if required to complete the Kit.

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X3 Xtreme 47 – Bare pole only

The New Gardiner Xtreme – High Modulus Telescopic pole. Provides the lightest and easiest way of working available.

The 18ft Xtreme (actual length) is a domestic/residential size pole and is ideal for those who need to work with a very light and rigid pole for injury or strain related issues.

The 25ft Xtreme kicks off the rest of the range and allows for the lightest, easiest way of window cleaning available. By the use of Xtreme extension packs this 25ft pole can be converted into a 44ft fuly telescopic Xtreme pole. With the use of modular extensions this can then be taken to 74ft.

For those wanting an Xtreme pole focused on high-level work the Xtreme47 is the perfect choice. Designed to be used at high levels for long periods of time this pole can be used at 47 or 52ft as a fully telescopic pole or with the addition of modular extensions can be used at up to 77ft (reach 80ft+).

  • Super light weight using high modulus (63.3 MSI) carbon fibre technology
  • Pole Design Utility Patent application numbers GB1103107.7, EP12250037.4, US-20120211978
  • Compact Lateral Smart Clamps – non-catching – non finger-pinching
  • Smart Clamps Protected under UK, US, European & Chinese Utility Patents
  • Robust Thermoplastic & Fibre Glass Reinforced Clamps and Levers
  • Insulated Handle Section

No other pole comes close.

Click Here to view the Xtreme Pole User Guide .pdf – Please read before purchasing – these poles need to be maintained in strict accordance with this user guide to prevent damage or wear.