Unger – 4 in 1 PRO Advanced Kit

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The UNGER 4-in-1 kit offers professional window cleaning products for home and the office

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Unger – 4 in 1 PRO Advanced Kit

The UNGER 4-in-1 kit offers professional window cleaning products for home and the office


  • This kit for window cleaning contains the 4 basic tools for streak-free and easy cleaning of your window surfaces
  • It contains the 35 cm S window squeegee with soft rubber; with high gliding ability for streak-free window cleaning, as well as the 35 cm UniTec T-bar with a washer sleeve and integrated water wells
  • Also with a practical safety scraper for stubborn dirt on the window and a Microwipe microfibre cloth with high cleaning power
  • In this kit you receive only UNGER branded work tools
  • All UNGER quality tools as well as components such as rubber strips and washers are also available individually and can be expanded with UNGER accessories


The advanced kit for window cleaning

Are you looking for robust window cleaning tools for your home that meet your high quality standards? Or is it part of your job as a restaurateur, commercial cleaner or caretaker? Whether you want to clean window frames or clean windows without leaving streaks – our four-part window cleaner kit will get you off to the best possible start. The usual UNGER standards such as ergonomic products and high quality workmanship guarantee a good result.

S Window squeegee: Stainless steel squeegee with rubber coating

A window squeegee belongs in every window cleaning kit. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, our window squeegee sits comfortably in the hand and, thanks to its S-spring, enables the channels and rubber to be changed quickly. The window squeegee measures 35 cm in width and is compatible with the UNGER telescopic poles. Special plus: Even in colder temperatures, the rubber lip remains flexible and adapts well to uneven surfaces.

UniTec washer: Wash windows easily and well

This light window washer is also part of the kit so that you can wash the windows in no time at all. The water wells of the window washer ensure that the washer can absorb more water. The T-bar is 35 cm wide and particularly light. The washer sleeve is made of 100% polyester and has good cleaning power. Efficient changing: Thanks to its push button, the sleeve can be changed quickly and easily.

Glass scraper: Remove stubborn dirt without scratching

The safety scraper can help with dried-on or sticky residues. You can even remove stubborn dirt easily with it. The retractable blade ensures that you always work safely – the handy metal scraper can be carried in your pocket without any worries

MicroWipe Lite: The perfect microfibre cloth for your requirements

Do you want streak-free windows? For polishing we recommend our Microfibre cloth Lite. As the cloth is very tightly woven, it offers high cleaning power. The material: a robust and highly absorbent synthetic fibre mix of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.