Complete S-Pro Trolley System

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Please choose from the options below to build your own system

This has EVERYTHING that window cleaners need – and can fit into a car EASILY! Including battery charger.

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Complete S-Pro Trolley System

The System Includes :

    • Trolley
    • Battery
    • Battery charger
    • Pump controller
    • Pump
    • 1 x 25lit container with hose connector

Bespoke with the following options:

  • Choose between a Gardiner CLX 22 & SLX 22
  • Pole Flow options
  • TDS meter
  • 14.4 Litre DI Vessel filled with ports and QRC’s
  • Hose Reel and Hosing

Designed to easily fit into a car or van The trolley system is controlled by a pump controller which allows you to vary the amount of water used for each job from 1lit to 6lit.
So on dirty glass you can use more and on maintenance cleans you can use less water. It also helps to conserve battery usage.

A deep cycle maintenance free lead 12v battery powers the unit, encased within a bracket that covers the entire battery.

Choice 1: Gardiner CLX 22 or a SLX 22 pole complete with dual trim brush, hosing and alu 1/2″ hose tail.

Choice 2: Pole Flow Control

Choice 3: DI Vessel c/w 2 QRC’s

Choice 4: Hosing

Choice 5: Hose Reel

Choice 6: TDS Meter

This is a system that has the benefit of being extremely mobile and very easy to use.