Complete DI Van System – Standard CLX

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This complete DI Water-fed System includes all a window cleaner needs for commercial or residential cleaning.

Comes standard with a CLX 18 complete

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Complete DI Van System

The DI Water-fed Unit is a custom built unit that includes:

A dry lead maintenance free 12volt battery,

10.5 lit DI vessel filled and ready to use,

Shurflo 100psi 5lit/Aquatec 100psi 5lit per min pump and digital controller all housed in a mountable water tight box,

Hose reel and 100m minibore (8mm) and fittings

CLX 18 pole complete with brush angle adaptor & hosing – you can upgrade to a larger pole in the drop down section

210 lit Upright baffled tank and tank elbow – you can upgrade to a larger tank in the drop down section


The Complete DI System includes:

  • Battery, Pump, Digital Control unit, Strainer and charger connection housed in Mountable Box
  • 210 litre upright baffled tank and elbow
  • TDS meter
  • CLX 18 Complete with hosing, brush (dual Trim), angle adaptor and ez tail
  • Hose reel (metal) and 100m premium minibore (8mm) self assembly required
  • Qrcs, joiner,jubilee clips and minibore fittings
  • 5 m of fitout hose(if more needed please let us know)

All connections and fittings included.