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New Backpack Starter Kits

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Our new starter kits include :

  • SureClean Backpack
  • CLX 18/22 Pole ( 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections )
  • DI Vessel 10.5 L
  • Half bag of Pro Water Resin
  • Pole Hosing 8m / 10m
  • Aluminium Hose Tail
  • 4  Oclips 7-9 (size)
  • Univalve
  • Gardiner Push Fit
  • Qrc – Standard
  • Qrc Male Tap Connectors
  • Black Reinforced Hosing 1/2 in – 2m
  • Pressure Vessel Head 3/4 Male Adaptor
  • Qrc Control Flow
  • Claber Qrc Stop


Our new SureClean backpack kits will come fully kitted, and assembled before shipped or collected. These kits are the best way to get started into window cleaning or even just for cleaning your own windows. The SureClean backpacks can be used from the ground but also come with back straps so they can be worn as well.

How it works:

First you connect your house hose into the input of the DI Vessel, and then with our made up black hose connect the QRC standard end into the output of the DI vessel, use the QRC flow side now to filled up the backpack with the pure water. ( the QRC flow means you can turn it on and off went needed and water and resin isn’t being wasted).

To operate the SCS Backpack, place the flow switch into the ON (I) position and adjust the flow valve clockwise to your preferred setting. this will start the battery and pump of your SCS Backpack allowing for water to flow from the tank through the water feed on the right. If using the supplied water trigger, hold down to initiate water flow. To use the manual pump, insert pole section into the left side of the backpack and push the rod from the pump into the pole. Push the pole forwards and backwards to initiate the flow of water.

To connect the pole to the backpack, you unscrew the lance that comes with the backpack and then screw the claber on. ( we will have the pole made up ) On the end of the pole hose will be a hose tail it will connect straight into the claber by pushing them together. To connect the brush to the pole, push the stem of the angle adaptor into the (red) Gardiner push fit. Then push the brush socket into the top of the angle adaptor, and connect the push fit to the yellow hose on the angle adaptor.

Technical Info:

  • 1 year warranty on tank etc.
  • 6 month warranty on pump and flow controller in standard WFP use
  • Pump not warrantied if used with extension hose longer than 20m (including pole hose length)
  • 3 month warranty on battery
  • Recommended battery care: fully charge at least once a month
  • Backpack pump 60psi
  • For H&S reasons we do not recommend working a full day with a backpack on your back. Rest frequently and schedule changes in work routine during the day.
  • For H&S reasons we do not recommend carrying these on your back if you have any history of back injury or damage. A trolley can be used to carry them instead.

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