NiftyNabber Bagger 180 litre

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NiftyNabber Bagger 180 litre

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NiftyNabber Bagger 180 litre

A durable and weatherproof waste carrier for 180 l bags that is a great multi-tasking alternative to plastic bags and the perfect companion to UNGER’s super tough litter pickers.


  • Can be pulled across the floor, asphalt or ground due to solid plastic bottom and carry loops.
  • Protects plastic bags from splitting.


  • Collapses flat and fastens with hooks & loops for compact storage and transportation.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors as a temporary waste disposal or recycling unit during the event.


  • Allows to avoid unnecessary bending or lifting heavy bags.
  • Always open for easy and safe access without touching litter.
  • Made of robust material for reduced injury risk from sharp waste.