Unger – 1.5m Tub and Pole Kit (Rinse & Go)

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Unger – 1.5m Tub and Pole Kit

Wash your windows yourself streak-free with the cleaning power of pure water. 100% pure water
cleans better and it dries without stains or streaks on the glass. The Unger Pure Water Cleaning
System demineralises tap water with resin in an easy-to-change bag. And simply works with the
pressure of your water tap

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Unger – 1.5m Tub and Pole Kit

  • UNGER Pure Water Cleaning Kit 1,5m:
  • Unger 3m reach Pure Water Cleaning System: wash windows, glass facades and conservatories
    with 100% pure water (without chemicals) for super clean and streak-free results.
  • The Unger Pure Water Cleaning System is a filter to demineralising tap water and with the
    professional water-fed telescopic pole and brush, the pure water is brought directly to the brush
    at a height of up to 3m. Convenient and compact. This complete set includes:

1. Pure Water Filter including one bag of filter resin (2 litres)
2. 1,5m Telescopic pole including hose (20m) for reach of approx. 3m
3. Water Fed Brush (27cm)
4. TDS meter to control pure water quality.

How to use

  • The Unger Pure Water Cleaning System has a quick-connection and thus fits any standard garden hose, which you connect at the bottom.
  • And the supplied working hose to the brush is connected to the top of the filter unit.
  • Turn on the water tap and you can start to work.
  • The water is 100% purified of all minerals at tap pressure.

When do I need to change my resin bag: 

  • The mineral content in tap water is measured with the TDS meter on the front of the Unger Pure
    Water Cleaning System.
  • Place the TDS meter in a glass with water from the Unger Pure Water
    Cleaning System.
  • The TDS reading will indicate 000 TDS at the start.
  • As soon as the value starts to increase, the resin is saturated and the DI filter resin bag should be replaced. Up to a value of
    approximately 010 TDS you can still expect clean glass, solar panels, conservatories etc.

Replacement bags are available as a separate item: