Water Fed Brush │ Alpha Scrubber

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The Tucker® Alpha Scrubber is the ultimate commercial grade polyester scrubbing pad for jobs requiring heavy cleaning to remove dried, caked on dirt and grime from any window. The Alpha Scrubber is unique in that it does not have traditional brush bristles and uses a thick scrubbing pad that traps dirt particles and pulls them away from the glass.

The over the top rinse bar pours a cascade of water over the top of the brush allowing the water to fan over the glass and quickly rinse any debris from the cleaning area. This allows a fast rinse with minimal effort, saving your body from premature fatigue.

The brush includes our proprietary swiveling gooseneck, which allows you to slide the brush across the glass without taking it away from the glass. This kit also comes with 10 replacement pads, giving it a long-life span before needing replacements. This brush is about ease of use, and we think we knocked it out of the park! It comes in two sizes, standard and extra-large.

We also offer replacement cleaning pads and velcro to keep your investment functioning for a lifetime!


Product Details:

  • Made In USA
  • Over the Top Rinse Bar
  • Swiveling Gooseneck w/ stem for #1 clamp
  • 5/16” OD Tubing Connector
  • Includes (10) Polyester Scrubbing Pads