Ninja Advance Kit 4 in 1

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The ErgoTec Ninja Premium window cleaning kit from UNGER:

Top performance products for professional window cleaning

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Ninja Advance Kit 4 in 1

The ErgoTec Ninja Premium window cleaning kit from UNGER: Top performance products for professional window cleaning

  • The UNGER kit contains the high-quality, extra-light UNGER ErgoTec NINJA professional window squeegee 35 cm Ninja channel with soft rubber; highly precise and efficient for streak-free window cleaning, as well as the 35 cm ErgoTec NINJA washer with black aluminium handle and ninja washer sleeve
  • The kit also includes the UNGER ErgoTecNINJA Bucket-On-a-Belt, the mobile professional holster for washers and glass scrapers, as well as two window squeegees and up to 0.75 l of cleaning agent directly at hand
  • The UNGER ErgoTec Ninja MicroWipe professional microfibre cloth with scrubbing corners and reinforced edges also cleans selectively and impresses in the case of coarse soiling on the glass
  • All professional UNGER quality tools as well as additional components for rubber and washer materials are also available individually, interchangeable and can be expanded with accessories


Top performance products for professional window cleaning

Are you looking for outstanding window cleaning tools with a top performance guarantee? Do you want to enable your employees to work with high precision and provide first-class quality products for this? The UNGER ErgoTec Ninja window cleaning kit – consisting of a window squeegee, washer, microfibre cloth and Bucket-On-a-Belt – is aimed at professional glass and window cleaners with the highest demands. Here you will find high-tech products whose high-quality workmanship can be seen and felt every day.

ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee: Complete with Ninja channel and soft rubber

With the ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee, window cleaning is particularly precise, because it has some features that significantly increase the efficiency of professional window cleaners. The extruded high-tech T6 aluminium channel is extra light, does not bend and holds the squeegee rubber evenly on the glass surface. If you want to change the channel, this is very easy thanks to the innovative TriLoc mechanism.

You have absolute flexibility in choosing the rubber position. So you can always adjust the contact pressure and the contact to the surface individually. The SmartClips not only make it possible to change the rubber or change the rubber position in seconds, but also protect the frame from scratches.

The ErgoTec Ninja scores points with its swivel function both in areas that are difficult to reach and when working with a pole. The window squeegee can cover a work area of up to 180 degrees – you can clean a larger area in less time without leaving streaks. The tension of the swivel head can be reduced or increased with the help of the stainless steel screw, which you can conveniently adjust with a coin. You can fix the middle position by pressing the lock button.

The ergonomic two-component handle is perfectly matched to the human hand and guarantees you greater comfort and perfect handling thanks to the high-quality anti-slip rubber coating. You can apply additional pressure through the thumb area on the top. Like all ErgoTec T-bars and window squeegees, the window squeegee locks securely onto the safety cone of the telescopic pole. Falling and twisting are not going to happen!

ErgoTec Ninja washer: Complete with Ninja sleeve and black aluminium T-bar

With the ErgoTec Ninja washer you will have a tool for high-performance window cleaning. Two arguments in favour of buying: Its pleasant operation and ultimate cleaning power.

The black, anodised aluminium T-bar is particularly durable and super light. The washer is also practical for larger hands: The handle consists of two components and is perfectly matched to the human hand. The surface is covered with a special non-slip rubber so that you can handle the T-bar precisely. Thanks to the swivel function, you can also use the washer to reach areas that are difficult to access. And if you do not need the swivel function, the lock button fixes the head in the central position. To adjust the tension of the pivoting function of the T-bar, you can use a coin and do not need any additional tools.

For perfect cleaning results, we combine the ErgoTec NINJA T-bar with the ErgoTec NINJA washer sleeve. The striped look of the cover is, like everything at UNGER, not left to chance. The mix of long fibres absorbs a particularly large amount of water and at the same time enables exceptional cleaning power thanks to the integrated scrubbing fibres. With the scrubbing pads on both ends, you can remove even stubborn dirt with ease. For a secure fit: A Velcro fastener holds the T-bar securely in place.

ErgoTec Ninja MicroWipe: The best professional microfibre cloth you have ever had

With our premium class microfibre cloth, you will be able to dry every window, streak-free! The microfibre cloth loosens coarse dirt with its scrubbing basin and uses the very tightly woven material to polish larger surfaces to a high gloss. The 400 g/m2 material thickness and the robust edge also have a positive effect on durability: The cloth lasts for around 500 washing cycles and will be there for you for a particularly long time. You can use the cloth for spot cleaning, to remove stubborn dirt, or for polishing large areas. While other cleaning devices often only move the dirt around, the Ninja MicroWipe is able to bind dust firmly thanks to its static charge during dry cleaning. The ErgoTec Ninja cloth also impresses when wet, because it is particularly absorbent and at the same time hard-wearing. Practical: You can hang the cloth by the corner pockets and use a telescopic pole to clean windows at greater heights.

ErgoTec Ninja Bucket-On-a-Belt: A holster for washers, window squeegees and glass scrapers

An absolute must for every window cleaner professional who wants to work flexibly: The ErgoTec Ninja Bucket-On-a-Belt. With the holster you always have everything with you that is important for window cleaning, even in confined spaces.

Well thought out from the loop to the bucket: Of course, our professional window squeegees fit perfectly into the portable holster. All in all, it holds a washer and glass scraper as well as two window squeegees and 0.75 l of cleaning agent. Whether right-handed or left-handed, the Bucket-On-a-Belt can be attached to the trousers on either side. With this practical solution on your belt, you will be well prepared for all missions!