PRF-RO System- 750 c/w tubing

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PRF-RO System- 750 c/w tubing

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PRF-RO System- 750 c/w tubing

PRF-RO System

Designed to replace the original Merlin System, the new PRF-RO system is 30% smaller while the performance is equal.

Able to run on direct mains water pressure as low as 40psi, the new Merlin is just as easy to use as its popular predessor.

All the tubing connections are the same size and colour as before, so it couldn’t be easier to swap over to this new model from the old.

With the new carbon pre-filter you can get double the running time before changing any filters.

Preformance details:

  • Carbon pre-filter rating: 38,000 liter of incoming water
  • Typical flow rate: 1.9 liter per minute
  • Rated filtration quality: up to 90% of incoming TDS

This comes in a box unbuilt


Fitting Kit:

3 Tap Connectors

3 John Guest Push Fit Fittings

Fits the hosing supplied with PRF