Ergo Tec Neoprene Gloves XXL (10)

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Ergo Tec Neoprene Gloves XXL (10)

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Ergo Tec Neoprene Gloves XXL (10)


Protective gloves against cold , made of 3mm thick rubber Neoprene.

  • Tear resistant stitching and glue seal along seams for durability.
  • Soft and comfortable on inside.
  • Non slip palm for secure grip.
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap.



  • Two quality grades of neoprene gloves to protect your hands in winter from cold
  • Tip 1: Slip in with wet hands. Body warmth will warm the water and keep hands warm
  • Tip 2: The gloves are smaller than usual sizes. Order one size bigger than you wear normally
  • Pole gloves protect your hands when working with telescopic poles
  • No more injuries and no problem with hot poles in summer

Material: Neoprene, rubberized