Xtreme 35 hybrid

Xtreme 35cm Brush – Dual Trim with Natural Hybrid Bristles

£35.50 ex Vat

Dual Trim – Natural Inner Bristles
Medium/Soft Bristle Stiffness
Weighs 135g
Width 35cm (14″)
Comes With Quick Loq Socket

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Product Description

Xtreme 35cm Brush Natural Hybrid Bristles

  • Xtreme™ Wide Natural Hybrid Brush – the lightweight wide brush.

  • Designed for users who want the lightest WFP brush whilst still achieving excellent cleaning results.

Simple Brush Guide –

  • Wider than the Xtreme natural Hybrid to provide greater glass coverage

  • Mono-Filament/Natural Bristle Hybrid Mix. Ideal for regular maintenance cleans at height.

  • Bristle Stiffness = Medium/Soft

  • Weight = 135g bare stock, (150g with jets, jet hose and T connector)

  • Width = 350mm

Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C