NEW – Ninja Premium Window Cleaning Kit

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NEW – Ninja Premium Window Cleaning Kit

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NEW – Ninja Premium Window Cleaning Kit

From now on, dirt in the big city won’t have a chance!

Powerful, effective and merciless – these unique professional products will equip you in the daily fight against stubborn dirt on glass.

And, as should be the case for all real heroes, THE NINJA also has the right outfit!

In elegant black and vibrant green, even from a distance the Limited Edition shows what it is made of!

Carbon Telescopic Pole

  • Extra light and highly stiff
  • Comfortable in use even in cold temperatures
  • High quality carbon fibre material
  • Automatic stop function when extending the telescopic pole
  • Durable clamps for one handed operation
  • High value 2C Grip

Ninja Washer

  • Ninja T-bar in exclusive green & black
  • Power microfibre sleeve with ultimate cleaning performance
  • 20 % higher water absorption than industry standard microfibre sleeves
  • Machine washable & suitable for tumble drying

Ninja Squeegee

  • Ninja squeegee in exclusive green & black
  • Extruded High-Tech-T6-Aluminium channel
  • 40° head angle and 180° swivel function for working with the carbon telescopic pole

Glass Scraper

  • 4cm wide double sided plastic blade
  • Careful dirt removal on sensitive surfaces
  • Only available in the Transformer Box