Benz Softwash Biocidal Wash (DDAC) 1litre x 5

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Kills Algae, lichen, Fungus & Mould

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Product Description

Biocidal Wash is a potent commercial biocide for professional use only, which incorporates a very pure high-grade DDAC (Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride) – the active ingredient that does most of the cleaning work.

This particularly pure grade of DDAC is also used to formulate many other products including disinfectants, cleansers and sterilants for:

  • The food and beverage industries.
  • Hospitals.
  • Household and industrial kitchens.
  • Veterinary and institutional applications.

Therefore it is also perfectly suited to use as a biocidal cleanser for exterior surfaces. In other words, if it’s good enough for hospitals, food preparation, and animal surgery, it’s good enough to clean roofs, walls, and drives.

We employ a two leading international chemical companies to manufactureBENZ Biocidal Wash, ensuring the highest possible quality


Some ways to apply  BENZ Biocidal Wash

• Using a power washer’s detergent feed, apply after power washing to kill the remaining spores and vastly increase the longevity of the clean.

• Spray, or sometimes spray and then brush. A backpack sprayer works fine for small jobs. But do be aware of the potential for leakage onto clothing.

• Dilute in a bucket or watering can for small jobs.

• Use a window cleaner’s water fed pole. 25 litres of diluted mix will treat up to 200 square metres, so trolleys are a particularly effective delivery system.

Test before applying: Always test a cleaning chemical on a small, obscure area of the surface to be cleaned if you are not familiar with the effect of the chemical on that particular surface.

Applying to metals: The same advice to test before applying a cleaning chemical applies to metals. We recommend wetting metal surfaces before applying a cleaning chemical to prevent streaking.

Why we use IPA in BENZ Biocidal Wash

Including 10-20% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) gives our product several advantages over the more basic water-based biocides:

  • It enables a full 50% of active ingredient to be diluted. Products made without IPA are limited to a maximum of 40% active ingredient.
  • Brings improved temperature stability in cold weather, preventing the thickening associated with non-IPA products.
  • The manufacturing process uses IPA, which maintains the solubility and stability of the active ingredient – DDAC.

Btw: At recommended dilution rates, the very small quantity of IPA in the product as applied to a customer’s property has zero effect on the silicone in, for example, wall renders and tarmac (even pure undiluted IPA has no lasting effect on silicone).


The purity of our active ingredient is guaranteed by our suppliers to be greater than 95% and is typically 98%. And the content of DDAC in the supplied product is typically 50-52% and never drops below 50%.


Even in its concentrated form Benz Biocidal Wash is classified under EU regulations only as “H22 flammable liquid and vapour”.

The most important aspect when considering a product’s  flammability is its flash point. This is the temperature at which a flammable vapour may form. The flash point of concentrated Biocidal Wash is 34 degrees centigrade.

To put this into perspective, the flash point of petrol is minus 43 degrees centigrade.  So it is clear that even undiluted Biocidal Wash poses a very low risk.

To further put your mind at ease:

  • A mixture containing 10% or 10:1 dilution of BENZ Biocidal Wash is not classified as flammable at all. (in use Biocidal Wash is diluted between 25:1 to 50:1)
  • Also at this concentration, the EU classifications “H290 corrosive to metals”, and “H336 may cause drowsiness or dizziness” no longer apply.


Under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) regulations, Biocidal Wash – and similar products with the same transport class and packing group  – should be supplied to the end user in 1 Litre bottles by standard courier, and in larger containers only by a specialised Hazchem courier.

The EU regulations permit transportation of up to 30kg or 30L of product in a works van or car without having any special insurance considerations. There are no land, sea, or tunnel restrictions in regard to these quantities.

So you can rest assured that you can transport these quantities of BENZ Biocidal Wash in complete safety and within the letter of the law.