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Hydro Power resin bag replacement

Small HydroPower DI12

£214.82 ex Vat

Special Order, please allow 5-7 working days for delivery

Base: 30 x 31 cm
Height: 35 cm
Resin Bag: 6 Litre

Product Description

HydroPower DI12 –  6 Litre – Wheels Not Included

The Most Efficient DI Pure Water System Ever!
Designed for Efficiency:

  • Inspired by Unger customers and packed with the latest patented design innovations, HydroPower DI Filters offer a wealth of benefits for professional window cleaners (and everyone who works or cleans with pure water).

HydroPower DI Filters exceed standard DI filter efficiency, performance, workflow and comfort thanks to these new features:

  • FloWater Technology
  • QuickChange Resin Bags
  • FastLock Opening

  • Enables a rapid and easy resin replacement right on spot where the cleaning is done

  • Can be put in or taken out of the system as easy as coffee pads out of a coffee machine
  • Each bag contains a preproportionated amount of resin and is made from a waterpermeable material

The innovative water distribution system ensures more efficient flow through the entire vessel.

  • Easy and quick opening and locking of the filter.
  • Safe, self locking mechanism.
  • Features pressure release valve.