Sureclean V16 Electric Reel Winder

£149.99 Ex VAT

Adjustable resistance to prevent overruns during unwinding

Adjustable speed, with the ability to set a maximum speed

Simple installation

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The Reel Winder is the purpose built electric hose reel controller. The Spring Reel Winder has been designed to withstand a demanding daily schedule.

A reliable, high quality controller that will work day in and day out:

  • Snag detection with adjustable sensitivity
  • 12Vdc reel compatible
  • Water resistant
  • Max current 35A

This controllers flexible design allows it to work with most electric hose reels on the market. Installation is super fast with just 4 wires to connect (4x 1m wire supplied).

  • Wired Pendant control
  • Radio remote control with speed reduction
  • Fuse holder and fuse pack

Please read the quick start guide here


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