Protectakote Anticorrosion Paint 4 Litre Black

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Protectakote Anticorrosion Paint 4 Litre Black 

Other colours available as special order. Please ring for details.

This is possibly one of the most versatile paint products ever made !

Protecta-Kote will chemically bond to most surfaces leaving an extremely tough and resistant coating. Protecta-Kote also offers protection against rust, petrol, solvents and chemicals.

This makes the paint great for your window cleaning van that is carrying the water equipment, as inevitably water drips to the van floor, thus creating problems with rust that you don’t want!

The rubber granules give the coating an attractive textured slip resistant surface which, being a single pack polyurethane, requires no mixing or blending prior to application and can be applied to almost any surface including; metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass and rubber.

As a polyurethane Protecta-Kote is totally flexible and will not flake or peel so it will remain completely bonded to the surface providing long lasting protection

Key Features:

  • Tough textured Polyurethane protective coating
  • Ready to use, easy to apply and quick drying
  • Tough non-slip finish
  • Rubber granules mean it is non-abrasive
  • Bonds to most surfaces
  • Prevents rust and resists petrol, acid, solvents and other chemicals
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Easy to repair and overcoat
  • Heat resistant
  • Totally flexible and will not chip, flake or peel

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