Anti-Climb Paint - 5L Tin

Anti-Climb Paint – 5L Tin

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Anti-climb paint is also known as anti-vandal, anti burglar, anti-intruder or anti scale paint. It is basically a thick glutinous paint with a similar appearance to smooth gloss paint however when applied it does not dry and remains slippery indefinitely so preventing an intruder from gaining a foothold. However not only does it not dry it is also extremely difficult to remove from clothing so acting as an excellent deterrent to possible intruders. This makes anti climb paint a very simple, economic and effective way of protecting your property from intruders.Anti climb paint is manufactured in the UK and is designed to work and stay adhered in hot or cold weather conditions. It is easy to apply, very long lasting and will adhere to most building materials. For more details on the paint or range of signs that we offer please go to the products section.

Please note that anti-climb paint should always be applied at least 2 metres above normal access height and its presence should be clearly indicated with warning signs, it is generally accepted that warning signs should be displayed at no more than 3-4 metre intervals and in a position where they are easy to read. If you are in any doubt we recommend that you contact your local Police crime prevention officer to check on its suitability.

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