GrippaMax DI Mains Fill Up 300 Litre – 1,000 Litre

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GrippaMax DI Mains Fill Up 300 Litre – 1,000 Litre

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GrippaMax DI Mains Fill Up 300 Litre – 1,000 Litre

Complete Crash Tested Van Mounted Cleaning System — 850 DELIVERY & MAINS DI FILLUP FILTRATION Module.

Pricing includes:


  • GrippaMAX Gardiner Crash Tested System — tested on HyGE sled.
  • Cube design tank which includes structural baffles along with honey comb baffling.
  • Tank comes as standard with 12 x 1/2 bsp outlet ports, 1 x 6 inch inspection lid, 16 x mounting points for control panels and modules.
  • Fully crash tested framework included with all mounting points and fixing plates.
  • Crash test certification along with fitters certificate.


  • TDS water purification and temperature monitoring (PRO version only).
  • Intelligent Smart Charge System — Suitable for all vehicles manufactured pre 2015 but not suitable for vehicles manufactured after 2015. Please choose the Intelligent Battery to Battery option if your vehicle was manufactured 2015 onward.
  • 110v Numax Battery.
  • Pump control and auto calibrator — Flow rate from 1 – 99.
  • Triplex 100psi pump specifically designed for the WFP industry.
  • Controller setup includes options to later upgrade for the hot water system.


  • 2 x 7  litre DI Resin Vessel.
  • All relevant plumbing included and tested.
  • Stainless steel underports fitted as standard.
  • Lifetime remote assistance cover — via our telephone or email helpdesk.
  • 1 year return to base parts warranty (excludes consumables such as connectors and fittings).

GrippaMAX MIRA Crash Worthiness Test Information — The GrippaMAX Systems were tested at MIRA’s high tech test facility in the UK. The test was carried out using the HyGe sled.

What is the difference between a HyGe sled test and a head on crash test?

Both tests demonstrate the force that is generated by water inertia. In a head on crash test the crumple zones of the vehicle will absorb some of the energy created on impact. This means that the full force will not be transferred to the tank unit itself. The HyGe sled test is a ‘bare’ test and transfers the energy instantly to the tank unit and fixings, thus, giving a fuller understanding of the strength and capability of the tank and its fixings.

Should I be concerned about how I carry water in my vehicle?

We don’t believe in scaremongering, but do feel this is an important issue. At the end of the day, there is a key difference between carrying a solid load (i.e. bricks or gravel) and water. This is because of the weight and movement of water. Water moves in a way that a solid load does not, thus distributing weight to different parts of the vehicle at different times during your journey. The GrippaMAX Systems are designed to contain and control the water making it react more like a solid load. This is due to the high strength frame, plates and T-LOK Bolt System and twin baffles.

If I have my GrippaMAX System installed by your team of engineers will I get a certificate of installation?

Yes. Our engineers will give you a full report on your vehicle along with a certificate of installation. Of course if you choose a DIY fit you will not be supplied with an engineers certificate, but you will receive your MIRA Certificate to present to your insurers.

Features & Benefits

  1. Designed by Gardiner, produced by GrippaTank and installed by SureClean Systems.
  2. Twin baffle systems (honeycomb and moulded) ensure maximum stability during use and in an accident.
  3. Unique T-LOK and Floor-Anchor systems ensure maximum security whilst fitting all vehicles.
  4. All systems can be purchased as a DIY fitment or fitted by SureClean Systems on our premises.
  5. Lowest centre of gravity of any crash-tested system on the market — installed height 710mm — safe, stable and secure.

Please Note: System does not include hose reel & hosing or poles. If choosing the Hydropower Hot Water you will need to purchase the hot water hosing with your hose reel.