Inside of fitted van
Van painted for fitting

Single RO Pure Water System

£2,299.00 ex Vat

Price includes professional fitting*, just drop your van with us and pick up and get to work!

To complete your package please choose your own Pole, Hose and Reel requirements.

Please make sure your System does not exceed the van pay-load.

*Pre-Booking Required

Prices start from £2195.00

Product Description

  • 350lit – 1000lit Options all c/w Baffled Tanks
  • Fully Galvanised or Stainless Steel Frames
  • Digital Flow Control c/w battery output display
  • 1 x 4040 Reverse Osmosis and 10″ Sediment and Carbon Filtration
  • Auto shut Off solenoid Valve Kit as standard
  • Charging Relay for Pump battery as standard
  • Van Bedlined with Non-Slip Waterproof Coating choice of colours available
  • External infill/waste ports fitted as standard
  • One-man Operation