X3 Xtreme 47 – Complete Pole Kit

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Xtreme 47 – Complete Pole Kit

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Choice of ONE free brush & QuicKloc resi-neck with selected poles.

Remember to add hosing & hosetail if required to complete the Kit.

If more than one free brush is selected ONLY the first brush selected will be included with the order.

X3 - Xtreme 47


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Quick Loq Angle Adaptor Type 1 -foc


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Super-Lite Brush 26cm - Med c/w 2 x Jet capsules - FOC


Super-Lite Brush 26cm – Medium Mixed

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Ultimate Brush 26cm - Medium Soft c/w 2 x Jet Caps FOC


Ultimate Brush 26cm – Medium Soft

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Ultimate Brush 26cm - Flocked c/w 2 Jet Caps FOC


Ultimate Brush 26cm – Flocked

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Yellow Pole hose


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EZ Tail - 6mm barb


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Aluminium Hose Tail - 6mm to Male - Black


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Uni Valve


Uni-Valve comes with 3 7-9 mm O rings for fitting


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Xtreme 47 – Complete Pole Kit

  • The Perfect Balance of Light Weight, Rigidity & Strength
  • Lightness & Rigidity – 15% more rigid and 20% stronger than previous Series-II Xtreme poles
  • Fully Telescopic Extending Sections
  • 9 Section High Modulus (63.3MSI) Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • Base Handle Section has outer insulated layer for safety
  • Comes with 1 FREE Brush* & 1 Quick LoQ Gooseneck*
  • Working Reach: 52ft
  • Click Here to view the Xtreme Pole User Guide .pdf – Please read before purchasing – these poles need to be maintained in strict accordance with this user guide to prevent damage or wear.
  • Do not purchase if you are not planning on maintaining, cleaning and servicing the pole as outlined.
  • Important please note – even when looked after well these poles will wear out faster than standard carbon poles and will need regular section replacement due to their thin wall design – if subject to heavy domestic use this could be as soon as 10-12 months