Window Cleanze


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Window Cleanze

Window Cleanze is highly concentrated and comes in 500ml containers complete with a dosing section for easy and quick measurement. Each order comes with a syringe.

Water fed pole:

  • Add 1-3ml of Window Cleanze to 100L of water
  • Use 1-2ml for regular monthly cleans and 3ml for first cleans

Traditional mop and squeegee:

  • Add 1-5ml of Window Cleanze to every 1L of water if using an additional detergent such as Fairy Liquid
  • Add 5-10 ml to 1L of water if using Window Cleanze as the sole detergent

Dosing procedure:

  1. Remove cap from the graduated measuring compartment of the bottle
  2. Squeeze the main body of the bottle and fill the measuring container
  3. Use the syringe to remove the required quantity of Window Cleanze and inject it into your de-ionised water tank (or bucket if using mop and squeegee), or simply pour directly from the bottle’s measuring compartment

Advantages of adding Window Cleanze to purified (de-ionised) water

  • Adds extra cleaning power to purified water
  • A drop goes a long way
  • Cleans faster than pure water alone
  • Birds mess dissolves more easily
  • Snail trails disappear without a trace
  • Spider’s poo on frames effortlessly scrubs off
  •  UPVC frames clean up whiter
  • Reduced “spotting” + enhanced sheen
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) unaltered
  • Some windows become more hydrophilic (water loving), making them easier to clean and leaving them gleaming
  • First cleans are much easier and results much better
  • Sets your window cleaning service above your competition
  • Easier working – therefore less strain on your body
  • Final rinsing takes less timeIt makes all glass surfaces sparkle, including:
    • mirrors
    • solar panels
    • conservatories
    • greenhouses
    • vehicle glass