VariStream Mk2


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VariStream Mk2 controller

The Varistream Intelligent Pump Controller gives window cleaners full control over the flow of water used, and will auto compensate to ensure a constant flow of water at whatever height the brush is working at.
The Varistream intelligently manages the flow rate very precisely, so conserving battery charge, which means more window cleaning between charges.
Other advantages of using the Varistream Intelligent Pump Controller include:

  1.  Simple to operate; use the + / Рbuttons to set your preferred flow and let the Varistream look after the rest.
  2. Simple to set up. For most users the Varistream¬†“just works” straight out of the box, no fiddly set up or “calibration” to worry about.
  3. The Varistream pressure setting menu allows for fine tuning of systems if required.
    4. To help you look after your batteries, the Varistream includes two Low battery warning systems:
  • a bargraph display of battery voltage under “no load” conditions.
  • “Low Voltage” and “Under Voltage” warnings if the supply¬†voltage drops.
  1. Pump life is extended due to the precise control of the pump.
  2. As water use is carefully controlled, the production costs, ie resin, RO running costs etc , are reduced.