Sill Brush Dual-Trim Medium Mixed


Sill Brush
Dual Trim
Medium Bristle Stiffness

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The Super-Lite® Radius-Sill Brush Dual-Trim Medium Mixed Bristles (B&W)

  • World’s First Lightweight Radius Sill Brush designed Exclusively for WFP Window Cleaning
  • Super-Lite┬« Radius-Sill, the ultimate lightweight sill brush.
  • Only 225 grams (brush inc.jets, hose)
  • Simple Brush Guide – Dual-Trim bristles for fast and easy glass cleaning action – medium bristles for those that like our other medium bristled brushes.
  • Designed for users who want the lightest WFP Radius-Sill brush whilst still achieving excellent cleaning results.
  • Comes fitted with Socket, 2mm pencil jets, tube & ‘T’ piece.
  • 280mm Bristle Width – 240mm Wide Stock