CLX 27 – Complete Pole Kit

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Please select from options below.

Choice of ONE free brush & QuicKloc resi-neck with selected poles.

Remember to add hosing & hosetail if required to complete the Kit.

If more than one free brush is selected ONLY the first brush selected will be included with the order.


CLX 27

  • 6 Section Telescopic Carbon-Composite Pole
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • New 65% Carbon Fibre Content on all Sections

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Please Select ONE free brush from the following:

Radius-Sill Brush Dual-Trim Med

9 in stock


Ultimate Medium Soft Mixed Bristle Brush-FOC

Ultimate Medium Soft Mixed Bristle Brush FOC

Out of stock


Supreme DuPont Hybrid FOC

Supreme DuPont Hybrid FOC

Out of stock


Supreme Med Hybrid Brush-FOC

Gardiner Supreme Med Hybrid Brush FOC

Out of stock


Super-Lite Brush Dual-Trim Med Mixed Bristles-FOC

Dual-Trim Medium Mixed Bristles FOC

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Quick Loc Resi-neck FOC

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EZ Tail - 6mm barb

384 in stock


Aluminium Hose Tail - 6mm to Male

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Alloy 6mm Hose Tail

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Yellow Pole hose

Cut for size of Pole.

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