Softwash Spray Nozzle – Threaded 6.5 Nozzle


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Softwash Spray Nozzle – Threaded 6.5 Nozzle

Designed to simply screw onto all Euro thread pole adaptors and accessories these are the highest quality spray nozzles on the market, specially manufactured in the UK for Our SoftWash Industy.

They are tough, durable, and deliver optimum spraying performance.


  • Our Spray Nozzles deliver a cone-shaped pattern to the surface
  • The 6.5 size nozzle is great for applying a range of biocides. Its lower flow rate gives steadier and more even rate of chemical delivery, helping to more effectively penetrate the biological growth that is responsible for staining.
  • The smaller size allows coverage of the treatment surface whilst reducing chemical wastage through run off.
  • The  size 10 is best suited for the low pressure application of Sodium Hypochlorite based cleaning liquids. It offers higher flow rates when using a powered pump whilst keeping drift and overspray to a minimum, ensuring maximum safety for the operator.