aquadapter hose
aquadapter hose

V-Lite Aqua-dapter Out of STOCK! New version available Jan 2016

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The NEW Aqua-dapter® V-LITE in Black.


The Aqua-dapter V-LITE is an innovative water fed pole tap, developed by a UK window cleaner, for window cleaners. Using an Aqua-dapter® you can switch the flow of water on or off just by pulling on the hose at the bottom of your pole.

Aqua-dapter® is strong, yet light (only 106g), and manufactured to the highest standards using premium-quality materials. It can be fitted to your pole in a few moments, and swapped between poles easily, although we recommend you purchase one for each pole to maximise efficiency and your profits.

If you are unsure about fitting Aqua-dapter® to your pole, please contact us, specifying the make & model of pole you use, and a photo of the end screw/connection if possible, and we will do our best to help.